The Big List of Family/Special Needs Blogs

This is our Big List of family/disability blogs.  I encourage other bloggers to look through them and share some 'link love' with a few that you most like--that is how communities are built on the web.  Also, let me know of others you think should be added to the list.  Blogs with descriptions (submitted by the blogger) are listed first.

Archie's Room.  A story about one mom, one dad and their three children:  Fraternal twins and and their beloved older brother Archie, who has Down syndrome and triumphed over a severe congenital heart defect and acute myeloid leukemia, all before he turned two-years old.
Reimer Reason"Sharing our son with the world. He's too much for one family to contain." I have a 17 year old son with Down syndrome and anxiety issues.
The Bernard BunchThe 'secret' diary of Abigail Bernard, aged 2, who lives in France with her French Papa, British Mama and two naughty older brothers.  Abigail has a rare genetic disorder called Jacobsens Syndrome (heart, blood and developmental difficulties) and a form of epilepsy called West Syndrome. 
If one of the above blogs is yours, I will be happy to add a description with the link if you'll write one up for me (a couple sentences).  Also, if you want me to remove your blog from the list, I will do so upon request.  In either case, just email me.